Smart Contract Solution

Smart Contract Solutions

This service include functions such as smart contract development, DAPP smart contract development, smart contract auditing, and smart contract solution optimization on major blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, etc. According to individual needs of customers, we provide customers with safe, reliable, transparent, traceable, efficient, and cost-optimal solution design and development services.


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Provide services such as secure DAPP contracts, and customizable enterprise business contract development.

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Role Safe Contract

Utilize flexible definition of user roles and permissions to ensure security and reliability of contract execution;

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Secure Contract Code

Utilize security-optimized code to ensure safety and reliability of low layer execution.

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Low Cost And High Efficiency

We have multi-field contract development experience, our solutions can achieve the best efficiency at the lowest cost, bringing customers a first-class experience.

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In order to meet growing needs of customer business, we can provide evolvable contract services to help customer business upgrade smoothly and seamlessly.

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Deep Customization

Provide one-stop customized solution according to user needs, including contract functions, deployment, management, monitoring and data analysis, etc.


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Standard Contracts

Support mainstream contract standards.

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Secure Contract

According to customer needs, design contract functional architecture and security architecture, define hierarchical roles and permissions, and implement it in an optimal execution cost.

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Contract Security Audit

Help customers evaluate security and robustness of contract architecture and code.

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Contract Optimization

Focusing on pain points of customers, evaluate contract codes and provide better schemes.

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DAPP Smart Contract

Design and develop smart contracts according to diverse DAPP functional requirements.

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Evolvable Contract

Provides evolvable contract function and architecture design services to help customers achieve smooth evolution.

The typical scenarios include digital finance, supply chain, logistics, insurance, leasing, etc.

We have rich experience in smart contract development in multiple vertical fields, and can provide customers with high-quality and professional services.