Public Blockchain Solutions

Public Blockchain Network Solutions

Public blockchain solutions provide comprehensive service including safe account management, consensus mechanisms, on-chain data storage, capacity expansion, etc. Consensus mechanism supports typical consensus and customizable consensus to meet function and performance requirements of different scenarios; data storage on chain supports multiple types of data storage requirements; capacity expansion supports sidechain and block expansion technology to achieve a balance between transaction capacity and transaction speed.


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Secure Account

Support account safety management, such as keystore, mnemonics, etc., and verify user's digital certificate.

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Diverse Data Storage

Small data is stored directly on chain, large file data is stored separately using blockchain certificate + blockchain adaptation database.

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Support Multiple Consensus Mechanisms

Support multiple consensus mechanisms, including POW / POA / IBFT, etc.

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Support More

Support blockchain explorer, node monitoring, blockchain API to improve operation and maintenance efficiency

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Offload Transaction Traffic

Use the side chain to offload transaction traffic to solve network congestion during peak trading hours

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Increase Transaction Throughput

Use smart block expansion to increase transaction throughput and achieve a balance between transaction capacity and speed.

Mainly for large-scale access, equal access, open and transparent, decentralized scenarios

Peer-to-peer value transfer;Each user can initiate a transaction equally without the supervision of a third-party trust intermediary.