Private Blockchain Solutions

Private Blockchain Solutions

The private blockchain solutions provide a one-stop, completely private, secure blockchain system. Users have complete permissions for node access control, data access control, node configuration and operation. Through private network solations, multiple identity verification, data encryption reading and writing, achieve completely private data control. Besides, with multiple key technologies such as consensus mechanisms, data encryption, as well as blockchain explorer, node monitoring and logging service, diverse and differentiated needs are well satisfied.


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One-Stop Service

Support one-click blockchain creation, node management, security control, system operation and maintenance.

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Flexible System Configuration

Support node expansion, modification of node role and system parameter.

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High Safety

Through certificate verification, network isolation, access authorization, and data encryption, ensure network access security, data access security, and data storage security.

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Adapt To Multiple Scenarios

Support multiple mainstream blockchain frameworks, consensus, encryption, role-based secure smart contracts.

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Efficient Operation And Maintenance

Provide a wealth of operation &maintenance tools, including blockchain explorer, node monitoring, rights management, system logs, on-chain data storage, data analysis and visualization, making operation & maintenance much easier.

Mainly used for confidential information/data transfer and process management within an organization or enterprise, such as finance, medical, logistics, insurance and other corporate institutions.

Bank Private Chain

Define processing permissions and data permissions for different positions, use smart contracts to manage business processes and permissions, support multi-party signature authorization, completely isolate the private network, monitor and handle exceptions in real time.

Hospital Private Chain

Define processing permissions and data access permissions for different positions. Patient medical information will be recorded on blockchain, fully verifiable and traceable. Minimal disclosure authority principle is used to ensure that medical services are carried out efficiently while protecting patients privacy.