On-Chain Data Storage Solutions

On-Chain Data Storage Solutions

Based on blockchain transaction and smart contract, on-chain storage solutions provide one-stop services including on-chain data processing, record verification, and system operation. Not only ensure data storage security, but ensure that data operation records are also strictly recorded and verified. Achieve dual goals of data storage security and data access security.


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On-Chain Storage Of Multiple Types Of Data

Support text, audio, video and other data files of different forms and sizes; Supports direct on-chain storage, separate data certificate and data storage.

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Security Certification For Storage And Access

Users need to pass certificate authentication before accessing or storing data, ensure the authenticity of operator identity.

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Verifiable And Traceable

Utilize smart contracts, authorize data access permissions according to user role; Data operations are recorded on chain; Data verification systems can verify and trace data access details.

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Strict Control

Utilize smart contract to strictly verify user’s data accessing permission.

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High availability

With decentralized blockchain and distributed storage, even if one node fails, system still runs normally.

User-Level Sensitive Data Storage

Encrypted storage of personal sensitive information such as ID numbers, mobile phone numbers, health records, etc.

Enterprise-Level Sensitive Data Storage

Data such as business invoices, business contracts, insurance policies, business plans, and business tender, etc.