Node Radar Service

Node Radar Service

The service provides one-stop functions for data statistics of IoT devices, such as IoT system access, IoT device management, data collection, data transmission, data storage, data statistical analysis, and data visualization, etc.


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Rich Data Transmission Interface

WiFi, NB-IoT, LoRa, 2G/3G/4G/5G,etc.

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Provide Data Statistics Services For IoT Devices

According to real-time information of IoT devices, provides statistics and data visualization of device types, device operating status and other information.

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Provide IoT Business Data Statistics And Analysis

Based on the time series data of IoT business, provides statistics, analysis, data visualization, etc.

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Automatically Discover System Events

such as new device initiates access or goes offline, provide timely reminder or warning.

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Statistics and display of nodes number and classified IoT devices.

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Statistics and display of online and offline status of IOT device nodes.

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Statistics and display of online time of IoT devices.

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Statistics and display of business data of IoT devices.

Node Radar Overview​
Node Radar Map

Industrial IoT

Realize the digitalization of industrial production processes and improve the degree of industrial automation and production efficiency through equipment interconnection.

Smart Home IoT

Connect home smart devices to the Internet of things, such as air conditioner, smart door lock, security camera, etc., use machine learning to analyze equipment data, realize home automation, home security, home equipment management and other functions.

Commercial And Office IoT

Office passport: Use IoT devices to measure the information of passersby in real time and report to the edge system for storage, analysis and display; Vending machines: Detect sales, out of stock, faults and other information, report to the edge system for monitoring and processing; Smart building air conditioning: Sensors detect the number of people in the room and dynamically control the output power of the air conditioner to ensure comfort and reduce power consumption.