Micros Sns Circle

Micros SNS Circle

COOS micros SNS circle is a comprehensive social networking platform with knowledge sharing and knowledge realization as the core, providing users with an efficient and pure knowledge sharing space, meeting users' needs for learning and exchange of knowledge or skills in different fields, helping users realize their self-worth.


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High-End Knowlwdge Community

Create an xclusive private community for sharing and disseminating high-end knowledge and skills.

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Increase User Stickiness

More closely integrate with multi-domain/project-related knowledge,increase user stickiness

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Interesting Realization Of Knowledge

Provide interesting channels for knowledge realization.Users with a common pursuit gain more knowledge through sharing knowledge through sharing knowledge and build a wider connections.

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Private Circle Creation

Create private circles by owner based on content and characteristics, supporting one-to-one, one-to-many private circles.

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Private Circle Management

Manage and maintain topic, member, content and payment.

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Join/Quit Private Circle

Support to actively join or invite by searching for interested private circles, voluntarily withdraw or removed by circle owner.

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Diversified Content:

Text, audio, video, and more.​

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Private Circle Interactions

Supports interactive methods such as questions and comments, as well as visibility permission settings.

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Topic Supervision

Manual or automatic review of content to ensure health, positiveness, and non-violation.

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Deposit And Withdrawal

Support WeChat, Alipay, bank card, credit card, etc.

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Supports advertising to the homepage or private circle, using topic analysis and user interest to deliver advertisement.

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Revenue Distribution Management

Support flexible revenue distribution mechanism and stimulate the enthusiasm of circle owners, such as enriching knowledge content, increasing knowledge value, and attracting more members.


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Interactive Community For Domain Knowledge Sharing

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Interactive Community For Professional Skills Sharing

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Interactive Community For Project-Specific Knowledge Sharing