Through video recording and sharing a personalized and beautiful life experience, MEGO stimulates the enthusiasm for sharing, promotes positive thing, and spreads them to all corners through screen interconnection and achieve a win-win situation for both individuals and businesses.


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Share personalized videos anytime,anywhere.

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Video delivery with one click,perfect integration with TRANX media engine.

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Funny Interaction

Eam rewards through interactions,such ai likes and luck,increase fun of video sharing and watching.

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Smooth Experience

Provides users with high-quality viewing experience through video clarity and playback fluency processing technologies

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Aggregate Payments

Support QR code scan payment,face payment,WeChat,Alipay and other payment methods

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Video Sharing

Quickly publish and share personalized videos with one click, participate in video viewer’s interaction, increase video ratings and support from others.

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Video Delivery

Directionally and precisely deliver video to achieve the best commercial effect.Increase user stickiness through interesting interactions.

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Interaction Reward

Supports multiple interaction rewards such as likes, luck, invitation, list reward, forward and sharing, etc.

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Screen Rental

Support screen resource management, personalized leasing rule formulation, leasing data statistics reconciliation, etc.

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Aggregate Payment

Support QR code scan payment, face payment, WeChat, Alipay and other payment methods.

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Operation Management

Support user management, activity management and operation statistics and other complete operation functions, operation statistics include user statistics, video counting, screen statistics, reconciliation, etc.

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Content Review

Support review and reporting mechanism to ensure the health and compliance of video content.

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Knowledge And Education Short Video Sharing

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Entertainment Short Video Sharing

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Social Networking Short Video Sharing

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Commercial Short Video Sharing