Invitation Code Service

Invitation Code Service

This service provides two functions, i.e. app promotion and channel statistics of automatic entering invitation code, helping customers to automatically complete the precise binding and filling of invitation code and APP, and realize the automation of promotional data statistics and management.


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Automatically bind and fill invitation information, avoiding manual filling during APP installation;

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Automatically statistics and visually displays invitation promotion data, making the evaluation of promotion channel quality more intuitive and efficient;

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Customize invitation binding information according to business needs, and adapt to a wide range of application scenarios;

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Support promotion methods of applets, QR codes, web pages, text messages, etc.

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Auto Filling Invitation Code

Accurately extracts characteristics of mobile phone, accurately identifies source of the invitation code for APP installation, automatically fills in promotion parameters, reduces manual operations.

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Custom APP Promotion Channel Data Statistics

Provides a customized APP promotion channel data statistics service, It can automatically identifies and counts APP promotion channel information, and flexibly create and manage massive promotion channels

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Automatic Promotion Data Statistics

After filling in promotion channel parameters and creating channel link, the service automatically counts channel promotion data, which avoids problems such as low efficiency, error proneness, and high cost.

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Diversified Promotion Quality Evaluation

Supports installation volume, registration volume, retention rate to evaluate channel quality, also provide more dimensional data analysis, including user growth trends, activity, geographical distribution, etc., in order to more completely evaluate channel quality.

Auto Filling Invitation Code

Under normal circumstances, APP invitations require users to fill in the invitation code manually. The experience is cumbersome, which may lead to the inability to effectively identify the source of the invitation and affect the enthusiasm and fairness of the promoter. Through this service, automatic and accurate identification of invitation sources and automatic statistical data are provided to significantly improve user experience and operational efficiency.

Automatic Promotion Statistics

According to the predefined APP promotion channel parameters, when users perform operations such as APP installation and registration, the promotion parameters are automatically matched, and data is automatically counted and displayed, which significantly improves the efficiency of promotion and data management.