Decentralized Data Assets Platform Feel the flow of IoT data from chip to data trading market COOS is much more than a powerful technical ecosystem. It is an ecosystem for IoT business models Fast Integration to create unprecedented opportunities within seconds IoT Console | IoT Ad Engine | IoT Payment Solutions | Device Renting Market | Data Trading Market GEEKENTERPRISE

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COOS A1 Heart of IoT solutions,Powerful and Open Source Support STM32、NXT etc. Integrates multiple security protocols, developed by COOS Inc. for IoT, ensure data security from source Multi-mode Networking, Rich APIs, Community Support OTA Support Support fast integration with COOS Ecosystem within one click Register
EVOLUTION Pay as IoT Goes One Coin for all Devices can be deployed worldwide with payment solutions;no need for redevelopment Integrated solutions provide fast and convenient payment process experience Support local payment gateways Register
TRANSFORM IoT changes like planets,Ad adapts like fluids Adaptive for IoT devices with different screen ratio and resolutions Customizable ad push and play policies Precision marketing with big data computing Easy Ad campaign generation and preview with highly user friendly HCI design Fully release the potential of your IoT with our highly adaptive ad engine Register
REVOLUTION IoT Device Share Market IoT devices are born to be shared Revolution ignites the value of share economy and empowers every user into share economy 2.0 Enterprise/Geek gets paid and Buyer gets data Flexible share policy;Support single or multiple devices(device zone) Real time calculation of share price; Support fixed or floating price; Data from own or shared devices can be saved into data bank and traded in Fission trading market(Device owner can restrict data reselling with fixed price) VIEW MORE
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  • Analytics
FISSION Delayed and Asynchronous transaction Revolutionary All2All transaction mechanism Automatically pricing and match of products and buyer with big data Fair、 Anonymous and Optimal Eliminates dumping and fake transactions Optimizes the value of data VIEW MORE
COOS COOS Decentralized Data Assets Platform

Heart of IoT solutions

Powerful and Open Source

COOS A1 Industrial-grade IoT Dev Board

Pay as IoT Goes

Evolution IoT Payment Solutions

IoT changes like planets

Ad adapts like fluids


IoT Device Share Market

REVOLUTION Device Share Market

Data Trading Market

FISSION Data Trading Market

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