Epidemic Cloud

Epidemic Cloud

Integrating blockchain, big data, IoT technologies, epidemic cloud provides services such as passport management during outbreak, information recommendation, big data modeling and statistical analysis, helping enterprise efficiently manage employee traffic, and get real-time access to epidemic data to develop a scientific protective strategy.


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Low Cost

Reduce enterprise traffic management costs and labor costs

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High Efficiency

Scan the QP code with one click to complete the verification ,integrate multi-source data,and efficient and accurate data management

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Epidemic data and personal data are stored on chain and full-process traceable

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Epidemic Data Service

Synchronize and mine global outbreak data to help customers keep abreast of outbreak development in real time.

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IoT Data Fusion

Obtain data from health measurement equipment to build a complete traffic record file, achieve more accurate traffic management.

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Blockchain Passport Management

Verifier checks passport certificate by scanning QR code, the entire process is automatically completed with zero contact;The system automatically analyzes abnormal traffic, and gives early warning.

Epidemic Cloud Passport Work Flow