DAPP Solutions

DAPP Solutions

Blockchain project solutions provide a full set of technical services for blockchain creation, deployment, operation and maintenance, management, and application development. It integrates a variety of key technologies including public/private/consortium chain/ inter-chain connection, encrypted transmission, encrypted storage, blockchain verification, and smart contracts,DAPP. Meanwhile, it also provides rich operation and maintenance tools, such as blockchain explorer, node monitoring, system logs, blockchain APIs, etc. It helps customers quickly build blockchain business systems to achieve rapid on-chain services.


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Flexible Low-Layered Key Technologies

Support multiple consensus mechanisms such as POA, POW, IBFT, etc; Support complete symmetric, asymmetric encryption, digest algorithms.

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High Security

Using safe account, encrypted communication, encrypted storage, reconciliation and other technologies to achieve security and reliability of business.

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Efficient Operation

Supports rich operation & maintenance tools such as blockchain browser, node monitoring, configuration management, and log analysis, etc.

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Complete Ecology

Support public chain, private chain, consortium chain, inter-chain, chain-cloud collaboration, has complete business service capabilities.

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Rapid DAPP Development

Supports role-based security smart contracts and mainstream blockchain frameworks, enabling rapid development of more DAPP applications

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Sustainable Evolution

Use side chain, smart block to continuously improve transaction efficiency.

Supply Chain Finance

Around the core enterprise, financial institutions link its upstream and downstream enterprises, provide financing services for them, build information flow and capital flow between different participants, speed up capital flow, reduce financial risks.

Product Traceability

Generate and publish a traceability certificate for the entire process of raw materials, production, processing, logistics, and sales of goods. Consumers can automatically verify the authenticity of the product by scanning the certificate.