COOS A1 is a software and hardware integrated system for sensor data collection and processing. This system collects state data of local system through rich data collecting interfaces, transmit them to COOS data cloud or edge system via IoT protocols and communication protocols, then performs a series of processing including data formatting, data cleaning, valuable information extraction, secure data storage, etc., realize conversion from raw data to valuable information, achieving full service from IoT device side to COOS data cloud ecology.


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One-Click Access

Create an xclusive private community for sharing and disseminating high-end knowledge and skills.

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Customizable System

Provides software and hardware open source ayatem,users can flexibly define system.

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Focus On Secure Communications

Using chip-level encryption technology solutions to achieve safe and reliable communication.

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Automatic Accessing COOS Data Cloud System

COOS A1 automatically collects data and transfer it to COOS data cloud platform, which then automatically converts raw data into data revenue.

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Automatic Data Collection And Report

Support rich data collection interfaces, such as I2C、GPIO、SPI、UART, etc. Support rich end-to-cloud access way, such as WiFi, LoRa,NB-IoT,2/3/4/5G,etc.

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Automatic Sensor Data Interface Identification

Automatic sensor data interface identification:such as I2C、GPIO、SPI、UART, etc.

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Real-Time System Diagnostics

COOS A1 and COOS data cloud keep information interactive in real time in order to find system anomalies and repair timely.

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System Status Indicator

Use system status indicator to display system working status, convenient for users to troubleshoot in time.

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Remote Firmware Update

System can be easily enhanced by firmware upgrade.

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IoT Data Collection

Data collection in industrial production lines, smart homes, business machines, etc.

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Turning Data Into Real Value

By connecting data acquisition equipment to COOS data cloud platform, gain profit through data transaction.