Blockchain Tracing Solutions

Blockchain Tracing Solutions

Traceability solutions provide a trusted source tracing service for target’s history information. This solution has a series of key functions including formatting and customizing the traceability information, generating certificates, and automatic certificate verification with characteristics of openness, transparency, and non-tampering and anti-forgery. Not only reduce management cost of enterprise, but also allow users to easily trace product information, effectively improve enterprise brand value and consumer satisfaction.


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Wide Application Scenarios

Traceable information certificate format can be defined and customized, applied to scenarios such as product traceability, personal certificate traceability, workflow traceability, and data history traceability.

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Once Released, Permanently Available

Entire process of the product's certificate is permanently saved on chain, including the production, transportation, and sales. Ensure information is true, unique, immutable.

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Easy Verification

Support verification through URL, QR code, original certificate file of traceability certificate.

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Privacy Protection

Part or all of the certificate information is encrypted and stored, and temporarily decrypted during verification.

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High Efficiency With Low Cost

No tedious process, one-click verification through mobile phone scanning.

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Flexible Application

Use RFID chip to record traceability certificate, read RFID chip to trace; Use IoT sensor data to generate traceability information to ensure system status cannot be forged.

Personal Education Occupation Certificate Traceability

The certificate is the formal carrier of the key attribute information of the individual / institution, such as identity, qualifications, skills, etc. The traceability of this type of certificate is of great significance for personal education and job hunting.

Commodity Traceability

Generate the traceability certificate of product origin, production & process, raw materials and other information. Consumers can trace the source at any time to prevent counterfeiting.

Workflow Traceability

Each step of business process in enterprise or institution is recorded and stored into a traceability certificate, the certificate can be used for internal or external audit.

Data Accessing History Traceability

Generate a traceability certificate from the operation history information of the data file, and record each step of each user's operation on the data file, which is used for the audit and management of data access history by the enterprise.