Blockchain Passport Solutions

Blockchain Passport Solutions

On-chain passport solutions provide one-stop services including passport application, generation, verification, multi-source data fusion, on-chain operation record storage and data analysis, help enterprises or office parks achieve efficient and reliable passport management, specially one-click pass verification, and pass information monitoring, which highly improve pass efficiency, reduces management costs.


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Simple And Efficient Pass Verification

According to permissions, such as the permitted area and the validity period, the inspector only needs to scan the QR code to automatically complete passport verification and information will be recorded without manual work.

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High Safety

All passport records are uploaded to blockchain. The chain can automatically verify authenticity, validity, and information integrity of the passport certificate.

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Integrating IoT Data

Integrate data from IoT devices, such as cameras and infrared thermometers, to build a more complete traffic information file.

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Customed Service

Support customization of passport information templates to meet individual needs of enterprises.

Corporate Or Park Access Management

For instance, property entrances

Traffic Management In Specific Areas Of Enterprises Or Parks

For instance, warehouses, reference rooms, etc.