Blockchain Based Cloud Computing Solutions

Blockchain Based Cloud Computing Solutions

The blockchain based cloud computing solutions provide private key management and data encryption services.Utilizing smart contract with controlled permission mechanism to manage user keys and digital certificates, perform certificate authentication and data encryption operations on a private, isolated network to ensure that users' cloud data is completely private and access controlled.


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Supports Complete Encryption And Digest Algorithms

Support symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, digest algorithm, suitable for multiple business scenarios.

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Highly Secure Key Management

Key management, key encryption, and key storage functions are isolated, and even cloud administrators cannot obtain the private key. Using smart contracts to strictly manage key permission. Support offline data encryption.

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Highly Secure Communication

Support isolated virtual private network and SSL / TLS communication. Precisely control access right of network port

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High Availability

With decentralized blockchain and distributed storage, even if one node fails, system still runs normally.

Mainly for protection of sensitive data of organizations or enterprises, such as finance, government, and corporate finance

Financial System

Encryption and storage of bank card number, ID card, PIN code, user assets and other sensitive information

Enterprise Financial System

Encryption and storage of sensitive information such as commercial contracts, corporate finance, and employee salaries, etc.